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10 December 2006 @ 08:01 pm
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight  
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight - TV Series episodes 1-9

I've hesitated on watching this series for a long time, because I thought that nothing Lodoss would be able to top the OVA. In a sense, I still feel that is true, but the TV series is not without merit. I've only watched the first arc and then another episode, just to get the feel of the series. The events of "Chronicles" starts after the Battle of Heroes that closes the first six episodes of the OVA. If you've seen the rest of the OVA, this first arc in "Chronicles" will make little sense, because you already know these characters and they DID NOT DO THAT IN THE OVA. That's how I felt. Much anger. But there were things I liked.

Like the "Welcome to Lodoss Island" omake after-episode shows! They were pure blissful sweet candy without the chance of cavities; probably the best material is in the chibi show, as the rest of it seems far too dramatic by comparison.

As always, much love for Parn and Deedlit, very little love for Slayn. Hell, there's more love for Wagnard (or Vagnard) than for Slayn. He's sooooo not good looking enough for Leylia, either!

The story about Shooting Star is one of my favorite parts in the OVA. How does it measure up in "Chronicles?" Not nearly high enough. The plans that Parn and his friends come up with seem even less plausible than usual, not to mention Ashram's random actions. The passage of time is confusing in "Chronicles" because the first 8 episodes take place 10 years prior (I think) to the rest of the series, all so we can follow Spark (or Parn-with-long-blue-hair), the aspiring knight-in-training that doesn't want to ride on his family's name (Parn and Tessius?). It's no wonder that about 204 people tell Parn that Spark reminds them of Parn when he was a young knight roaming Lodoss. Deedlit being the first. Because she's an elf and quicker than the rest of us. Supposedly.

I liked the comparisons of Pirotess and Deedlit in the OVA. That foiled character dynamic is totally lost in "Chronicles." Pirotess is more of a minor character, but her existence... wait, now I can't even recall a scene with her in it - even though I know she MUST have been there. Ashram needs her around to make his character less harsh. That's her purpose in the end, which is the opposite of Deedlit's role with Parn - her presence actually makes Parn more keen to win, etc.

However, now that the series is done "slaughtering" the best parts of the second half of the OVA, the next arc promises more. It's treading new ground, and that's a good thing in Lodoss. The only thing I would like to know now is if there is any change in Parn and Deedlit's relationship now (the 10 years down the road is now, of course). It doesn't seem to be any different. And man, Slayn, you named your daughter Little Neese after Neese? Is that really necessary? No, it's not.

Woodchuck is still Karla, which is a nice surprise, as I was afraid they would dick around with that too. Pretty much, "Chronicles" picks up after the manga The Grey Witch ends. So actually, I shouldn't make any references to the OVA. But I feel like the events of the second half of the OVA are going to make their way back into "Chronicles;" it's inevitable, I think, since Wagnard is moving on with his evil plans... only instead of a few weeks after the Battle of the Heroes, he's managed to wait 16 years or something before putting his evil plans into action. Way to go, Wagnard. Patience! As if. If the events of the OVA are included, Deedlit's going to be abducted and taken to Marmo again. Not her favorite activity, abductions, but at least it made Parn do something dangerous and heroic.

So, if he wasn't named as a Free Knight of Lodoss until the end of the OVA, and he is already one in "Chronicles," and he declined King Fahn's offer of service in Valis at the end of The Grey Witch manga... which is right? I don't know. And who is the Heroic Knight we are chronicling? I thought Parn or Spark, but maybe it is Ashram. *shrug* I will have to find out.

The opening song (Kiseki no Umi) is gorgeous, by the way. Sakamoto Maaya. Beautiful voice, great lyrics, and some awesome music. I also really like the ending - both visually and musically. It's very sweet, but not as sweeping and heroic as the opening (that part with Deedlit and the wind! Amazing!!! Good lyrics, too). Both can make one cry, if you're in the right mood. Not right now.

More RoLW stuff later. For now, I sleep. Or eat dessert. Whichever takes my fancy.
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