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Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight - TV Series episodes 1-9

I've hesitated on watching this series for a long time, because I thought that nothing Lodoss would be able to top the OVA. In a sense, I still feel that is true, but the TV series is not without merit. I've only watched the first arc and then another episode, just to get the feel of the series. The events of "Chronicles" starts after the Battle of Heroes that closes the first six episodes of the OVA. If you've seen the rest of the OVA, this first arc in "Chronicles" will make little sense, because you already know these characters and they DID NOT DO THAT IN THE OVA. That's how I felt. Much anger. But there were things I liked.

Like the "Welcome to Lodoss Island" omake after-episode shows! They were pure blissful sweet candy without the chance of cavities; probably the best material is in the chibi show, as the rest of it seems far too dramatic by comparison.

As always, much love for Parn and Deedlit, very little love for Slayn. Hell, there's more love for Wagnard (or Vagnard) than for Slayn. He's sooooo not good looking enough for Leylia, either!

Other things I should mention...Collapse )

The opening song (Kiseki no Umi) is gorgeous, by the way. Sakamoto Maaya. Beautiful voice, great lyrics, and some awesome music. I also really like the ending - both visually and musically. It's very sweet, but not as sweeping and heroic as the opening (that part with Deedlit and the wind! Amazing!!! Good lyrics, too). Both can make one cry, if you're in the right mood. Not right now.

More RoLW stuff later. For now, I sleep. Or eat dessert. Whichever takes my fancy.
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13 November 2006 @ 11:44 pm
Wedding Peach DX (Deluxe) - ウェディングピーチDX - OVA, 4 episodes

According to my information, these OVAs take place 2 years after the end of the series. How sad for Jama-P at the beginning.

Episode One: The Beach EpisodeCollapse )
Lots of swimsuits in this one, I sense a sudden need to fanservice...

Episode Two: The Cruiseliner EpisodeCollapse )
Are Yousuke and Yanagiba even in this series? T_T

Episode 3: The Christmas EpisodeCollapse )
Damn, that would have been dramatic if it wasn't in the OVA.

Episode 4: The Valentine's Day EpisodeCollapse )
Well, this is far more open-ended than the series. I wonder if the comic was still running at this point.

Overall, I enjoyed the OVAs' slightly different style, but I felt that there wasn't much difference in the characters' attitudes; despite two years, they hadn't really changed. Well, I think it was kind of lame that there was the whole "please seal our memories so that we can be normal kids again" flashback in the first OVA, and then the girls decide that the boys don't need their memories restored. Sigh. That's all I have to add for the OVA. Mata ne~

(PS - I will probably review some manga next time!)
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11 November 2006 @ 12:51 am
Densetsu Ai Tenshi Wedding Peach 愛天使伝説 ウェディングピーチ - 51 episodes - KSS

All right, I know that this shoujo is not everyone's thing; how can it be when the main characters are fixated on wedding things despite being middle schoolers? But I had great fun watching it, and conveniently forgot that Momoko, Yuri, and Hinagiku were so young. In fact, I notice that happens a lot with shoujo series - you forget how young the heroines really are because they go through so much.

Wedding Oiro Naoshi~!Collapse )

After this, I get to watch the 4 OVA episodes known as Wedding Peach DX, taking place after the series!
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11 November 2006 @ 12:47 am
TricK (3 seasons, 32 episodes total) - Japanese Drama

Wow. I just finished my two-week trip of watching the three seasons of Trick. How cute was that.

the part of my review that contains a spoilerCollapse )

I also loved how Ueda sometimes calls her "YOU" in English instead of Yamada. He really was great, and there were some awesome moments with pop culture references (some anime based) and terrible wonderful Engrish - my favorite being when the man on the bus shouted, for little reason, "JEEESUS!" as if he were upset at someone, especially since he had been quite naturally talking Japanese before his outburst and resumed as if nothing had happened.

I definitely loved this series. I also am very glad that I watched all of it on my own - there were some very tedious episodes occassionally, or ones where the trick was easier to figure out. It's painful to think of the solution to a two-episode arc within the first half of the intro episode. But overall, very well done. I also know now which are the best episodes to show people, because, not counting the storyline, the actual episode count for all three seasons is 32. I haven't watched the TV special, the extras that came with season 2, or the movie yet, but all of that is in my near future.

It was really nice to see Naoko and Ueda develop the understanding they had, which was mostly based on Ueda forcefully dragging her along when he was asked to investigate something or another and Yamada agreeing because she was unable to pay her rent/escape her landlady's notice. It is cute and also funny that Ueda calls Yamada's mom "Okaasan."

I haven't mentioned the police detectives. In the first season and for most of the second, the detective Yabe is accompanied by a blond-dyed sidekick who is funny but somewhat annoying (I forget his name already T_T). Late in the second season, this sidekick is replaced by the Toudai graducate Kikuchi, who is really great as he is arrogant, afraid of getting dirty, and constantly stealing Yabe's lines/trying to swim in the onsen. I can't begin to count how many times I laughed at the antics of the two detectives, or for how long I paused the show while I died in fits of giggles over facial expressions.

Trick proved to me that sometimes things are funnier when they are repeated too often. See for yourself, why don't you!? :D

As a jdorama, I definitely recommend it, as long as you aren't offended by some perverted jokes and some slow parts. Much love overall! And I might have to watch the last half of the final episode again, it was so rewarding in the *very* end. Up until then, I was thinking they would leave me with that nostalgic things-that-should-work-out-never-really-do feeling. But thankfully, not this time. BANANA BOOOOAT!
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24 October 2005 @ 12:30 pm
Out of the newest and my current backlog of series, I intend to watch and post about the following...

*Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (live action) - complete the posts I have already started [must wait to get CDs back from duckling~!]
* Glass Mask (shoujo) - orignal 23 episode series, BTW
* Black Cat (shounen) - about assassins~?
* Rose of Versailles (historical fact-tion shoujo) - joint with orchidee XD
* The Snow Queen (fairy tale) - yay for Hans Christian Anderson's classic tale made anime!
* Gun X Sword (mecha shounen) - ah, Trigun makes love to Cowboy Bebop while Escaflowne watches... Speed Grapher might be having a smoke in the background too...
* Catnapped (children's movie) - nice change of pace, not to mention only one "episode"~

Other series might replace or add themselves to this list - Loveless, Sukisho!, Cluster Edge, Gakuen Alice, etc, etc.

~Hats off, Rierie's in the room~!
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi / Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai (アベノ橋魔法商店街) episodes 1-13: (fansubs by KAA)
Abenobashi (for short) is comprised of 13 episodes and is the story of Sasshi and Arumi, a boy and girl from Abenobashi in Osaka (the city itself) who get transported to other versions of Abenobashi. These other worlds are all a product of Sasshi's active otaku imagination, so it turns out to be an amazing parody-explosion of gags and such; this doesn't mean that the show is all fun and games, and the underlying story is rather serious. Now for the CUT! By the way, it makes more sense if you watched it, since I jump around quite a bit to explain things that I feel like explaining.

much in the way of spoilers behind the obligatory cut-type tagCollapse )

In other news, if you didn't get at least 10 of the parody references (and you will know if you got them or not) you need to play more video games and watch more movies and anime and such. The mixing of the serious story that is tied to the real world and the humor/parody that takes place throughout most of the show allows you to put that seriousness in a manageable perspective. If not for the humor, I might have been crying (as it was, I got a bit teary eyed in some parts).

DID I MENTION THAT THIS SHOW IS CHOKING FROM AN OVERLOAD OF FANSERVICE?! Not that it really kills the show, but I just thought I'd mention it. You know. Special prize, a random link to a picture of the show!
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Live Action, Act 1 through Act 15

This is around the first 1/3 of the series. I've split up the cuts for easier navigation. Understand that these are kind of a parody synopsis of the series, and that I actually really love this series - I just enjoy making fun of it as well. XDDD

Act 1 through Act 5Collapse )

Act 6 through Act 10Collapse )

Act 11 through Act 15Collapse )

It is best to read these after watching the episode, not in place of it, but enjoy it however you want to. I intend to use these to help me remember what happened in which episode, so XD.
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04 March 2005 @ 01:02 pm
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Special Act
Live Action, 1 hour special, taking place 5 years after the final act of the 49 episode series.

This act, while seemingly inessential, actually ties up a loose end that was bugging me at the end of the series: What happened to Mio-chan? She disappears rather enigmatically, and here is her reappearance. As can be expected of live action, it is a bit overdone at times, but it is worth it if you enjoyed the main series at all. Aside from the return of Shitenou (the four generals under Endymion), there is also a return of all the main protagonists from the series. Hey wait, weren't the generals kind of... dead? O_o;

Plot, and other spoilers...Collapse )

Okay, it elicited eye-rolls, but also laughter; it makes you feel happy once it's over (that has more than one meaning, I know). I enjoyed it, and if you liked the rather well-done characterizations of the live action series, you'll like this too. Probably.
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09 January 2005 @ 05:00 pm
Hime-chan's Ribbon episodes 1-61: (Tomodachi Fansubs)
Hime-chan's Ribbon, comprising a total of 61 episodes and over twenty-five hours of animation, was originally adapted from the Ribon Mascot Comics' "Himechan no Ribon" by the mangaka Mizusawa Megumi-sensei. Check out the manga picture here; cover of the first volume of the manga ganked from Mahou no Ribon, a Hime-chan's Ribbon manga scanlation site. This series would best be classified as a magical shoujo series, dealing both with a magical girl and with relationships and 'romance' commonly associated with shoujo.

the down-lowCollapse )

Final notes: This anime is kind of timeless, not really having much that ties it to a specific technological timeframe. However, two things that should be duly noted: 1) a minor character dresses up as Inuyasha in episode 44, which gave me quite a laugh, and 2) Hime-chan's mother's word processor is awesomely outdated, unless you chalk it up to the eccentricity of a novel-writer. I think the mom might be artist self-insertion, but *shrug* I know not. As a special treat, I give you Hime-chan, Pokota, and Daichi all together! WAI WAI!!!
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03 December 2004 @ 08:38 pm
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e~ volumes 1-23 (complete): "For
You in Full Blossom" (Various groups) - story and art by Nakajo

I spend several sleepless nights devouring this manga.

the down-low on hana-kimiCollapse )

Overall, I enjoyed reading this manga. Some of the continuity problems
are easier to understand since this series was serialized in a manga
anthology (those large phonebook-sized monthly thingies). I would
recommend it to strong believers of the powers of bishounen and people
who like a lot of minor character slash (for instance, the doctor and
the photographer). Or if you would like an odd love story.