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Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight - TV Series episodes 1-9

I've hesitated on watching this series for a long time, because I thought that nothing Lodoss would be able to top the OVA. In a sense, I still feel that is true, but the TV series is not without merit. I've only watched the first arc and then another episode, just to get the feel of the series. The events of "Chronicles" starts after the Battle of Heroes that closes the first six episodes of the OVA. If you've seen the rest of the OVA, this first arc in "Chronicles" will make little sense, because you already know these characters and they DID NOT DO THAT IN THE OVA. That's how I felt. Much anger. But there were things I liked.

Like the "Welcome to Lodoss Island" omake after-episode shows! They were pure blissful sweet candy without the chance of cavities; probably the best material is in the chibi show, as the rest of it seems far too dramatic by comparison.

As always, much love for Parn and Deedlit, very little love for Slayn. Hell, there's more love for Wagnard (or Vagnard) than for Slayn. He's sooooo not good looking enough for Leylia, either!

Other things I should mention...Collapse )

The opening song (Kiseki no Umi) is gorgeous, by the way. Sakamoto Maaya. Beautiful voice, great lyrics, and some awesome music. I also really like the ending - both visually and musically. It's very sweet, but not as sweeping and heroic as the opening (that part with Deedlit and the wind! Amazing!!! Good lyrics, too). Both can make one cry, if you're in the right mood. Not right now.

More RoLW stuff later. For now, I sleep. Or eat dessert. Whichever takes my fancy.
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